Support the Games Legacy and our Vision – Sport for All

The value of sport and recreation in our lives is indisputable. Not only does it provide both physical and mental health and wellness benefits, but participation in sports teams and clubs provides social interaction, motivates and inspires youth, and is proven to keep kids off the streets, off their phones and improve their academic performance. For seniors, it provides social interaction and helps maintain mobility and fitness – increasing quality of life and longevity.

But not everyone has equal access to sport. Some people are prevented from participating in sport by financial barriers. Others are deterred by physical barriers or a lack of infrastructure or adequate facilities. Few facilities in Renfrew County have appropriate infrastructure or equipment to allow people with disabilities to participate in sport.

By supporting the Renfrew County 2023 “SPORT FOR ALL FUND”, you will help us to remove barriers to participation and improve the quality of life for people young and not so young, across Renfrew County.

The SPORT FOR ALL Fund will be the ongoing legacy for years after the Games have ended. It will support and encourage participation in sport and recreation in our communities.

Please note: You will be issued a tax receipt for any donation of $20 or more.

Your donation will ensure that:

  • individuals who need a little financial assistance to participate in sport will receive it;
  • our communities can receive funding to improve infrastructure to ensure that sport is accessible to people with disabilities or the elderly; and
  • sports facilities/centres can create new programs or purchase equipment necessary to ensure that people can participate in sport safely.

We want to ensure that the Fund will grow and continue to support accessible sport in our communities in the years that follow.