For Wrestling, the Ontario Winter Games are the Provincial Championships for boys and girls age 15 and 16 years (Cadets). These young wrestlers have qualified for the Games either through Regional Championships or the Ontario Cadet Open held prior to the Games.

During a match, wrestlers gain two points for the “takedown” where they take their opponent from standing to the mat. A “reversal” is just that, the bottom wrestler reverses his/her position and ends up on top while on the mat and in control, scoring one point. Wrestlers score two points for placing his/her opponent on their back. Wrestlers can score four points by taking their opponent directly from standing to their back (in a throw, for example). The ultimate objective is to “pin” your opponent by placing them on the mat on their back with both shoulders touching the mat. A pin ends the match immediately. Wrestling matches consist of two-two minute rounds, with the score carrying over from round one into round two and the wrestler scoring the most points overall winning. The rules prohibit any techniques intended to injure the opponent, particularly at this youth level. Regions score points based upon wrestlers placing in the top six at the Games. There is a Regional title for each of the Boys’ and Girls’ Divisions.

Many of the top placers from the Games will go on to compete in the Canadian U-17 and U-19 Championships taking place April 3 – 5 in Edmonton, Alberta.

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